Big Bust Bras .... Plus Size Bust .... Plus Size Bras .... What do you think these means? Are they all the same? It can be quite confusing and I guess it’s all down to everyone’s individual interpretation. There is nothing worse than searching and coming up with all the wrong things when you are desperate for the right fitting bra.

The words ‘plus size’ tends to mean simply a larger size. A plus size model can be as tiny as a size 8 though plus sized clothes would start at say a size 16. In the lingerie world though, plus size covers not only a larger back but also a larger cup and to further add to the mix it could also be one or the other or both just to make it interesting. This means that you could have a small size 6 band though have a H cup, I would consider being either a plus size bust or big bust bras. A plus size bra still could be either, though would be mostly associated with a plus size band size and not necessarily a D+ cup. A size 20C would tick the box even though is only a C cup. Same but different right.

At Le Buste we have both small and large back sizes with D-K cups (though we actually do go up to LL cups in some sizes). Some styles in our collection come in a smaller cup size though our focus is mainly on D+ cup bras. We can certainly help you though it would me a custom consult and order. The largest band that we currently have is a size 34 band (UK46). We want to tailor to your individual needs so if you are larger than this I will make every effort to find you a solution.

If only all sizes were easy to find! Even though I use D+ specialty brands that are made specifically for a D+ cup they are not readily available in all lingerie stores and to be honest if they are not a D+ specialty brand I would be dubious on its quality and its level of support. Generally H-JJ cups are mainly found in band sizes 12-16 so if you fall either side of this range it can be more difficult. Now, I have a few clients that sit either side of this spectrum and have consulted and fit these ladies in beautiful lingerie.

Every woman needs to be supported in lingerie, it’s a basic need. Find you fit with Le Buste and book a private consultation and fitting. Let us open your world in a perfectly fitting bra with style, comfort and support.