Have you heard of the terms Spacer or Moulded? They both are foam lined bras though different technology is in place that makes them very different. A Moulded (or padded) bra is what most would know of, though in my opinion, a breathable spacer bra is Queen of the two. Not only does it tend to be a little lighter in weight, it is breathable and in our hot Australian climate this is a huge bonus!

What’s the difference I hear you say? They both look similar and at first touch they also feel the same too? The way I can tell is by simply squeezing the cup foam between 2 fingers. A moulded bra feels solid with no movement, where a spacer bra feels airy. If you have both types side by side you might think a moulded bra also looks a little more solid too with an unwavering shape. As the spacer has airy pockets it looks less rigid and has a little more movement to it.

Both are made in a similar method by heat moulding foam to make the cups, though the key difference is the type of foam used. A breathable spacer bra uses a new 3D lightweight, thin and breathable fabric and is a lighter and much cooler alternative. It doesn’t add volume just gives a great round, seamless (no show through) shape. A moulded bra gives the same seamless round shape and can also give volume depending on the thickness of foam used. I know I said seamless, but there will always be exceptions! Foam bras are not always heat moulded and will be made with sectioned cups. This will give a great shape and smooth lines with no see through. Curvy Kate’s Luxe Strapless Spacer bra is one of them along with new season styles Elomi’s Anushka Half Cup Padded bra and Freya’s Summer Haze Padded bra. Sectioned cups give a lighter feel and a great shape, just not seamless.

As spacer technology is newer to the market, the range isn’t as grand as moulded bras yet though will even out as new season ranges are released. A few firm favourites in moulded bras are Freya’s Deco moulded plunge and Idol moulded balcony bra along with Elomi’s Bijou Moulded Plunge bra. Fantasie’s Rebecca Lace Spacer Full Cup bra and of course Curvy Kate’s Luxe Strapless are breathable spacer bra favourites. I have to add a special mention to Cake Lingerie for bringing this fabulous new technology into nursing bras making nursing bras beautiful, fun and feminine.