I had a beautiful client in today that was extremely happy to now be out of her nursing bra and back into a regular wired bra.

She was happy with the support and shape that a flexi-wire gave her though was super ecstatic to be out of a flexi and into a super dooper wire. The support and shape that this gave her and the look on her face when she realised that she was now at a new stage of both toddlerdom and the freedom that her boobs now were hers! A very mixed look, overall an excited start to life without drop-down cups!

Now don’t get me wrong, she was in a Cake Lingerie bra and it was supportive, gave her shape and looked great on, though getting back into a regular wire gave her the shape, lift and feel she was after. Oh, and let’s not forget forward projection. As this very cute baby no.4 was going to be her last she no longer needed it but didn’t have the heart to through it away. We did try and come up with a few different uses like a double-cupped planter or a cup cushion? But nothing would be better than donating to another Mum or would be Mum. This bra was only used with 1 child so definitely had a lot of life left in it and would sure be a welcome addition to someone else’s lingerie drawer at this exciting time in their lives!

So the idea of a bra depot was then created and has now officially commenced with its first addition being this beautiful Cake Lingerie Nursing Seam Free Balcony Bra.

I have had other clients that have had little ceremonies, not sure if anyone has burnt one yet?! Though I do know a great deal have either been thrown out or cut up all with a huge smile of their faces! Some of course deserved it, though there are some that have a lot of lift and life left. A good bra should be available to every woman. There is a great confident feeling that a new bra gives, even when it’s preloved it’s still new to you as has the same effect.

If you would like to donate your old bras to a worthy cause whether they are maternity or regular and you feel that there is more that this bra could give, please donate.

Bring all your oldies or better still wear the bra that tells you that tells you to need a new one to your next bra fitting. We’ll very happily have a little ‘leaving home’ ceremony, along with any other bras that you have that need a new home. I’ll keep a stockpile to donate to a local charity here though the details will be revealed as the idea develops. If you have any suggestions, please get in contact as I’d love your input.