Now that I am getting more active and attempting to walk/run at my local Park Run, I was extremely worried about getting this quiet scary condition ... Joggers Breast or equally worse Joggers Nipple! Both are caused from stress on your breast from the movement that jogging can create.

So what is Joggers breast? Quite simply, it is caused from breast bounce. This is painful and completely unnecessary. Joggers nipple on the other hand is cause from the same bounce but is the chaffing from the constant nipple rubbing. Sound painful? Well it certainly would be and I don’t care to experience this one! As we all know a plus bust can be heavy, if you’re an F cup your breast weight is a bottle of champagne (1.6kg) and if you are a J cup lucky you have the weight of a brick (3.5kg) on your chest!

This is a F cupTo give you an idea on bounce, an unsupported breast can bounce up to 14cm. In saying, I am quite sure that this test was on a much smaller cup size, as I’m positive my bounce would be much greater! This means a lot of weight bouncing around with every leap. You wouldn’t jump around unsupported so why would you run or do high intensity exercise without the right support?

Sports bras are all very different and thinking of a traditional sports bra style, the crop top design is very popular though offers generally little support – great for yoga and light activities. Now I understand that there are many levels of support though for plus size sports bras (or any sports bra) I would’ve thought support would be a top priority. Unfortunately, the level of support is selective and so you should be. Pick the right support for your sport and don’t be fooled by the words ‘sports bra’ as there are many imposters out there.

Like I have said before, I really didn’t think that running was a possibility for me and other beholders of D+ cup sizes, but it is in a Shock Absorber sports bra. As with everything there are obstacles – some being relatively simple and others so complex it can be hard to get your head around. With every challenge though there will be a solution. So, gone are the days of ‘double bagging’ and holding on, all that is required is the right support and knowing what to look for in an awesome plus sized sports bra.

Please look after your boobs and avoid these painful, unnecessary conditions and of course irreversible sagging that may come with it. Defy gravity and give yourself the confidence to enjoy your sport and invest in a wirefree, high performance, breathable Shock Absorber sports bra.