This condition is dreaded and feared among many women (including myself)! I used to do a self check every now and again to make sure that all is right with the girls! Now, I wear the right bra for my activity and style to my boob shape. Two very important and key factors along with the obvious of being in the right sized bra to have a perfectly fitting bra!

If you’re not sure on what a Quad boob is – it is quad being FOUR boobs. The cup is too small, too tight or a style just not right for you. This creates a spill over the top cup to create another set. Have a look down now to see if your 2 have company!

Now there are bras for a short time that are for ‘special’  nights that go on and come off. Any movement in these would probably result in a spillover though in this situation it’s probably very welcomed. But these aren’t the bras that we need to worry about.

As we briefly touched on, there are a few reasons why this look is dreaded and completely not necessary. There are ways to avoid this and never again will you need to check that the girls have friends. Feel confident in yourself and that your lingerie will support you the way you need it to.

The Rules of 2 ...

•  Are you in the correct sized bra?

Have you been professional fit by a bra fitter? Is your back too tight or the cups too small? Are you squeezing into a bra as it’s the only one that works with this outfit or it’s your favorite? There are loads of probabilities but if it doesn’t fit it, it just doesn’t fit. There are so many different styled bras in an array of sizes. In fact, my favorite bra comes in 55 sizes! If your favorite bra is discontinued there will be something similar (and probably better) out there.

•  Are you in the right style for your activity?

Are you wearing an everyday bra at a kickboxing class? Finding that you’re moving in a figure 8 motion and/or popping out? Support is everything and having the right support for not only your sport but your day to day activity as well, including sitting at work in front of a computer. Activities and support of course varies and matching an appropriate style is imperative. I’d recommend a Shock Absorber or Enell sports bra for high-intensity sports and a balcony cup bra for an everyday style.

•  Is the style right for your boob shape?

Lingerie is made with shapes in mind and hence why some look great on you and others not. There are 7 different general breast shapes and all suit different styles. Every shape has different needs and suits particular styles though one that suits most is the balcony cup style.

This all highlights the importance of being professionally fit by a bra fitter. We have a bra fitting service at Le Buste and only have private appointments which definitely sets us apart.