Did you know that it is normal to have different sized breasts? Jimmy Kimmel famously interviewed Jennifer Lawrence who talked about her size difference. It’s actually kind of abnormal to have the exact same size. In saying that, the difference can be marginal or can be significant and can be caused by a number of reasons including:

- Breastfeeding
- mastitis or baby favouring one side can make a big impact
- Left/right hand dominance - using the muscles on one side more. This can be a result of improper body alignment also
- Weight gain or loss
- breasts contain fat any gain or loss will have an impact
- Puberty – growing unevenly.

As you can see with so many difference reasons (and this is just a selection) it’s no wonder it is so commonplace. They say 50% of women are asymmetrical but I think this statistic is for women with a significant difference.

Now, how do you fix this without surgery? I’m sure that there will be loads of different ways that you can come up with – I know the boys tend to like socks! In our case, not the best option - the simplest, easiest and quickest way to even out size is to use a filler (AKA cookie or chicken fillet). These can also be used as a cleavage enhancer and can add up to a full cup size or more depending on the filler size used. This means that any bra can be transformed into a push up bra!

Size Difference

Fillers come in different sizes, shapes (eye step or teardrop) and colours (clear or nude). They are normally made with silicon, feel reasonably similar and come in pairs which is great if you are using them to even out as will give you twice the life! The best type of bra to hide size differences (without a filler) would be anything that has contour like:

- Spacer Full Cup bra
- Moulded balcony Bra
- Breathable Spacer bra
- Balcony moulded bra
- Spacer Strapless bra

There are so many combinations of a contour and as they have a foam mould it can help hide any differences. A filler on the other hand can be worn with most (if not all) bras styles and favourite styles are Balcony Cup bra or Balcony plunge bras. They are a popular choice as suit most breast shapes. It is a great way to give you the confidence you deserve.

The most import thing to remember when buying a bra is that it needs to fit your biggest boob never ever the smaller. It just doesn’t make sense to have 3 boobs – 2 is more than enough! Make them look fabulous!