Let me introduce myself ...

Family I’m Andria, proud owner and bra fitter at Le Buste. I thought I’d let you in on a little bit about me and why I started in this interesting business of D+ bras. I’m sure you have guessed already, I am in a plus sized cup in fact I’m happily a 12GG. I like the sound of 12GeeGee it has a French ring to it and is why we are named with French inspiration rather than my Italian heritage.

I have a beautiful family of 4, my wonderful hubby Michael, gorgeous son Luca and our family dog Harry. Life is busy, we are very family orientated and as much as we love entertaining and exploring, we love our home time together. I have never really looked forward to lingerie shopping and with limited options it always involved travelling long distances, feeling very rushed and I always left with a practical ‘Nana’ bra as that was what was offered and fit. I wanted a different experience. I wanted better access to beautiful, stylish, supportive, comfortable bras. I wanted more than just what fit I wanted to know what else I could wear as surely I was too young to be in ‘Nana’ bras! And surely I wasn’t the only woman that felt this way!

Since starting, I now know that there are so many beautiful pieces that fit all my criteria and I love every single one of them! They are all from D+ specialist lingerie houses mainly from UK and Europe, with a couple of Australian brands that I proudly stock. I don’t want everything, only what will work for us! The technology and structure that goes into making a plus cup bra is very different from the little B’s.

How am I different? I want to offer an experience. I love helping women find their fit in a friendly, relaxed environment. I offer a private fitting and consultation at my home boutique and have a large collection of lingerie available to me, with not all loaded on the website. I want you to not only be in the right fit, but also the right fit for your lifestyle, shape and style too! I want to bring the happy back into lingerie shopping!

This journey has showed me that I don’t need to settle and neither do you! If you haven’t already and would like to book in for a consultation, I’d love to meet you and help find your perfect fit!

♥ Andria