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We proudly specialise in D+ Bras, we don’t want to pigeon hole us or our size range so for big bras in Australia we go beyond the d-K cup size range. At the moment an N cup is our big bust bras though we want to fit YOU, so if this means going beyond, I will find you an option to fit you and your style and needs.
Here are a just few of mine (and your) favourite things. Cake Lingerie is a local Australian lingerie house that specialises in maternity and nursing bras though the non-feeding bras are great leisure bras for anyone! Shock Absorber bras have the best plus sized sports bras Australia that gives you extreme support. Horseriding and trampolining is no match for these bras. Shock Absorber bras are designed with particular exercises and sports in mind and in my opinion, with next to no bounce, they are the best in sports AND all this without a wire! Curvy Kate is new to the Australian market and has hands down the best Strapless Spacer Bra, in fact, the best strapless bra period. Fantasie’s Rebecca Lace is a full cup with side support bra, it is contemporary, timeless and is a favourite to fit most (if not all) shapes.
At our bra shop Brisbane location, we have a boutique and fitting room in Wakerley offering private fittings by appointment only. In these appointments, we will go through what suits you and your shape and recommend the best bra for you. We have ample options, all of which aren’t listed online. We stock many different styles and brand lines what create different bra styles exceptionally well. There are so many different styles and not all suiting every breast shape. It is really important to choose a style perfect for your shape. The Balcony cups bra (or balconette bra) is perfect for almost all shapes. It is a great all rounder and should be a staple in most if not all wardrobes. There are so many bra styles to choose from such as full cup bras, side support bra, side support plunge bra, balcony plunge bra, multiway and strapless bras, band less bras to name just a few. There can be a combination of styles as you can see and with so many different breast shapes to fit you can see why. We have plus sized bras Australia! Let us help you find your fit.